Energy Efficiency

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According to the law from 01.01.2010, in case of sale or rental of the property owner shall provide each buyer or lessee Energy Performance Certificate, which indicates the category of energy efficiency of the property. Such a certificate is issued by Energy Department of Commerce.

The highest category (A, B) means the lowest cost of fuel and electricity and reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere to be used for this property.

Certificate “A” is given not only in the case of existing thermal insulation of the building, but with the possibility of obtaining energy from other sources (photovoltaic) on the particular property.

Pandomus Property now issues a certificate of category “B ” on all of its projects. And also provides the ability to install photovoltaic panels, in case the property owner in the future will want to get the category “A”on their property, and hence to establish photovoltaic system.



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